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Our Services

  • 1 hr 30 min

    $15 per student

  • 1 hr 10 min

    $12 per student

  • 1 hr 10 min

    $12 per student

The Syllabus we offer?


Mindfulness Fundamentals (90 mins)*

  • Learn about being emotion detectives, the power of breathing and our senses with the Mindful Monkey and her friends Breathing Bobby, Sensory Sally and Emotional Eric

  • Make mindful monkey sock puppets as classroom meditation buddies

  • Receive a Teacher Resource Pack and access to our Mindful Brain Break YouTube videos to continue practising mindfulness for the WHOLE YEAR!


Mindfulness – Keep in Touch (60 mins)*

  • Learn more about your favourite new friends, go on a Super Hearing Forest Walk, and spin the Action Wheel!

  • Make 'Calm Down' glitter jars


  • Receive an updated Teacher Resource Pack


*for students who have previously completed Mindfulness Fundamentals


Mindful Teacher PD Session

  • Interactive and fun!

  • Develop a crystal clear understanding of what mindfulness is

  • Practise a range of mindfulness exercises and learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your own life

  • Learn strategies for working with students who struggle to be mindful and often need it the most!

  • Learn how to powerfully describe the importance of mindfulness to parents

Important Information

  • The same space will be required if there are multiple workshops scheduled

  • Halls, music rooms, multipurpose rooms are preferred over classrooms. A generous open space at the front and the ability to set up tables at the back is required.

  • The Mindful Monkey will arrive an hour before start time for set up, and pack down for 30 minutes after the last workshop

  • Workshops run for 60-90 minutes

  • There is a maximum of 30 students per workshop

  • We will structure the sessions around your school timetable

  • Teachers must be present during the workshop

  • The balance is required two weeks after workshop delivery

  • Mindful Teacher PD sessions require 30 min set-up

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